A Festive Wonderland Retreat - Fringe one-bedroom and one-bathroom luxury floor plan

A Festive Wonderland Retreat

As the holiday season is here, it brings with it a time of warmth and joy; it’s the perfect moment to explore a living space that encapsulates the essence of comfort and elegance. Delve into the Fringe floor plan of Alexan Mill District, a charming and sophisticated abode that promises to make your holidays, and indeed your entire living experience, truly special. Spanning 810 SF, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom gem is more than just a space; it’s a haven where every day feels like a celebration. Explore a festive wonderland retreat here at Alexan Mill District.

A Bedroom Retreat That Charms

The Fringe floor plan’s spacious bedroom is a peaceful spot, perfect for relaxing at day’s end. Picture it lit up with gentle, sparkling lights during the festive season, making it extra special. What’s great about this room is the direct link to a fancy bathroom, giving you both privacy and ease. The bathroom also connects to a huge walk-in closet. This means lots of room for your holiday clothes and more. The bedroom’s soft colors and smart design let you add your own touch. You can decorate it for the holidays or keep it simple and stylish. It’s a place where you can feel at ease and enjoy your own space, especially during the busy holiday season.

A Culinary Wonderland

Every holiday feast starts in a great kitchen, and the Fringe’s kitchen is perfect for that. It has a chef’s island in the middle, making it both useful and stylish. The quartz countertops are not only beautiful but also tough, ideal for all your holiday cooking and baking. The modern stainless steel appliances make cooking fun, whether you’re an expert or just love to cook. This kitchen, filled with sunlight, is the heart of the home. It’s where friends and family come together to share stories and laughs while enjoying holiday goodies. It’s a place that brings everyone closer, creating lasting holiday memories. Here, the warm glow of the kitchen lights adds to the festive spirit, making every moment spent cooking and chatting even more special.

Private Patios for Festive Evenings

Select Fringe floor plan homes have their own private patio, making holidays even more fun outdoors. Imagine sitting outside wrapped in a warm blanket, drinking hot cocoa, and breathing in the cool winter air. This patio feels like part of your home. It’s great for small holiday parties or just relaxing under the stars. From the patio, you can see the surrounding area of the community, which is peaceful and connects you to nature. This makes the Fringe floor plan even nicer. The patio is a perfect spot for a quiet holiday morning with a cup of coffee, watching the sunrise. Or, you can enjoy a festive outdoor dinner with loved ones, surrounded by twinkling lights and the night sky.

The Fringe floor plan at Alexan Mill District is more than just a place to live; it’s a backdrop for life’s most cherished moments, especially during the holidays. Its thoughtful design, from the intimate bedroom to the vibrant kitchen and the optional private patio, creates an atmosphere of warmth and joy. As the holiday lights twinkle and the air fills with the scent of festive treats, the Fringe becomes not just a home but a holiday haven, where every corner is a reminder of the comfort and elegance that life can offer. Celebrate this holiday season and many more in the Fringe, where every day is a reason to rejoice. Discover a festive wonderland retreat here at Alexan Mill District. Secure a lease or schedule a tour of our Fringe floor plan today!