Ample Space for Comfort and Luxury - Weave luxury two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Ample Space for Comfort and Luxury

Living in style has never been easier with the Weave floor plan at Alexan Mill District. Are you a young professional looking to make a mark in the most stylish way possible? Then this home is for you. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment spans 1,067 SF. It offers ample space for comfort and luxury. It is the best backdrop you could ever find for a life dipped in upscale luxury. Explore what makes the Weave floor plan a perfect choice for those seeking an elevated lifestyle.

Ample Space and More

Walk into the bedrooms of the Weave floor plan, and you’ll see how spacious they are. Each bedroom has its own walk-in closet, giving you plenty of room for all your clothes and accessories. The first bedroom comes with a huge helping of space. It offers a private retreat where you can relax and recharge in peace. The second bedroom is just as impressive. It also comes with ample space that will never leave you wanting for more. Both bedrooms are for comfort and style, giving you a peaceful and relaxing space to call home. The attention to detail in these rooms shows the luxury and elegance that define Alexan Mill District.

Elegant Comforts

The two bathrooms in the Weave floor plan truly embody luxury living. The primary bathroom is spacious and has high-end fixtures and finishes, creating a sophisticated feel. A vanity offers plenty of space for morning routines, and the large shower gives a spa-like experience. The second bathroom is just as stylish, with modern fixtures and lots of space. It serves both the second bedroom and guests, ensuring convenience and comfort for all. The thoughtful design of these bathrooms enhances your daily living, making each moment feel special. Practical storage solutions add functionality, keeping all your essentials within easy reach.

Soaring Luxury

Select homes in the Weave floor plan have 15-foot ceilings, adding a grand and open feel to your living space. These high ceilings create an airy and spacious environment. It is ideal for those who love a touch of elegance in their home. The extra height makes your apartment feel even larger and more luxurious. This unique feature makes the Weave floor plan stand out, offering a special and elevated living experience. The high ceilings also give you a great chance to be creative with your interior design. It lets you personalize your space with style and sophistication.

Living in the Weave floor plan at Alexan Mill District means enjoying an upscale lifestyle in a thoughtfully designed space. It has spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets, elegant bathrooms, and soaring ceilings. Every detail enhances your overall way of living. This apartment is perfect for young professionals seeking a blend of luxury and comfort in a vibrant community. Discover the elegance and sophistication of this floor plan and see why our community is the ideal place to call home. The Weave floor plan offers ample space for comfort and luxury here at Alexan Mill District. Contact us for details today!