Comfort With Extra Elegance and Amenities - Spindle floor plan

Comfort With Extra Elegance and Amenities

Living in the heart of the city doesn’t mean you have to compromise on space or style. We welcome you to the peak of modern living – the Spindle floor plan at Alexan Mill District. It is a space that offers comfort with extra elegance and amenities. Let’s explore this stunning 1,125 SF layout and discover what makes it so special.

Spacious Living Meets Elegance

Upon entering the Spindle floor plan, your eyes are immediately drawn to the expansive living area. This space effortlessly accommodates your lifestyle needs, whether it’s lounging on a weekend or hosting a dinner party. The adjacent patio/balcony offers an extension of this living space, perfect for those morning coffees or evening relaxation sessions. Being able to breathe freely both inside and outside is just one of the perks here at Alexan Mill District.

Bedrooms That Whisper Comfort

Have you ever wished for a bedroom where you can stretch out, relax, and still have room to spare? The Spindle boasts two well-sized bedrooms, each with its unique charm. The bedroom on the left, with its generous layout, offers ample space for a huge bed, a reading nook, and maybe even a workspace. On the opposite side, another cozy and spacious bedroom provides a tranquil sanctuary to retreat after a long day, complete with its walk-in closet – a dream for everyone who likes fashion.

Kitchen and Amenities

No home is complete without a kitchen that beckons you to try out new recipes. With the Spindle floor plan, you’re in for a treat. This kitchen doesn’t just have the basics. It features a chef’s island, perfect for meal prep and entertaining. Plus, with a dedicated space for a wine fridge, you can always have your favorite bottle chilled and ready. The added bonus? Modern appliances ensure that cooking and cleaning are easy as one, two, three.

Our Spindle floor plan offers you comfort with extra elegance and amenities. Schedule a tour today at Alexan Mill District!