Say Hello To Extra Luxuries - Kitchen And Pantry

Say Hello To Extra Luxuries

When searching for an apartment, it’s the small extra touches that really make a place feel like home. At Alexan Mill District, we’ve embraced this idea by providing our residents with a mix of luxurious and convenient apartment amenities. From areas that expand your living space to those that simplify daily life, let’s explore the wonderful features of living in the Alexan Mill District. Say hello to extra luxuries!

Step Out onto Private Luxuries

There’s something undeniably wonderful about having your very own outdoor space. For those lucky residents in select homes at Alexan Mill District, this dream is a reality. These private balconies are a haven for morning coffees, evening reads, or simply soaking up a bit of fresh air without leaving the comfort of home. Just imagine stepping out with your favorite brew in hand, watching the world from your elevated perch, and feeling that blend of privacy and openness.

Extra Storage With The Pantry

A well-stocked kitchen is a sign of a happy home. And to keep it well-stocked, you need space. Enter the pantry at Alexan Mill District, it’s more than just a storage space, it’s a perk you truly deserve. Our pantry understands the needs of an avid cook with spices or someone who likes to prepare snacks and staples. No more cluttered kitchen counters or stuffed cabinets. Everything has its place, making meal prep, cooking, and even grocery unpacking a streamlined joy.

Say hello to Oversized Bedroom Closets

Who doesn’t love a little extra space for their wardrobe? At Alexan Mill District, we’ve turned this ‘little extra’ into an ‘a lot more’ with our oversized bedroom closets. Be it your seasonal clothes, your collection of clothes or just about anything that needs a space of its own, these closets are ready to handle it. No more rummaging through cramped spaces or wondering where to store that new jacket. With these spacious closets, you can organize, access, and even admire your belongings with ease.

Say hello to extra luxuries here at Alexan Mill District. Our homes are the definition of the word “more.” Schedule your tour today!