Tantalizing Spanish Paradise - Churros

Tantalizing Spanish Paradise

Let’s talk about a gem near our Alexan Mill District neighborhood – Bulla Gastrobar. This place is all about delightful dishes that make your taste buds dance. Forget the fancy words; let’s get straight to what matters most: the mouth-watering menu! Have a close look at a tantalizing Spanish paradise!

Tantalizing Tapas and More

Bulla Gastrobar is a treasure trove of Spanish-inspired dishes. The tapas are a must-try. Imagine small, flavorful plates like crispy patatas bravas drizzled with a spicy aioli, or the gambas al ajillo – succulent shrimp cooked in a garlicky, herby sauce. Don’t miss out on the tortilla Española, a classic Spanish omelet, layered with potatoes and onions, simple yet so satisfying. It’s like a little tour of Spain on your plate! Venture into the streets of Espanya, right here in Charlotte.

The Paella Paradise

If you’re a fan of paella, Bulla is your spot. Their paella is a feast for the eyes and the stomach. The Paella Valenciana, brimming with chicken, rabbit, and snails, is a traditional take that’s both hearty and flavorful. For seafood lovers, the Paella de Mariscos is a dream come true, loaded with fresh oceanic delights. Every bite is a mix of perfectly cooked rice, saffron, and the freshest ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors.

Sweet Endings to a Spanish Feast

No meal is complete without dessert, and Bulla Gastrobar’s dessert menu is a sweet lover’s paradise. The churros con chocolate are a crowd-pleaser – crispy on the outside, soft inside, and just the right amount of sweet. If you’re looking for something uniquely delicious, try the flan de coco, a creamy coconut custard that melts in your mouth. These desserts are the perfect end to a fantastic meal. Finish your meal on a high note at Bulla Gastrobar.

Come and indulge yourself in a tantalizing Spanish paradise at Bulla Gastrobar. See you there when you join us at Alexan Mill District. Visit us and schedule your tour today!