A Lifestyle of Comfort and Luxury - work-from-home lounge with self-serve coffee

A Lifestyle of Comfort and Luxury

We believe your home should be a sanctuary in Alexan Mill District. It is where every amenity reflects a lifestyle of comfort and luxury. Our community is more than just a place to live. It is where you can enjoy life to the fullest, along with the little joys that life offers. We offer our residents the chance to relax by a stunning saltwater pool and to work out in a top-tier fitness center. We even give you the chance to get work done in a cafe. Alexan Mill District is for those who appreciate an elevated living experience.

Poolside Pleasure and Warm Evenings

Our saltwater pool is a true luxury, perfect for both unwinding and entertaining. Get that tan body you always wanted as you get ready for the coming summer. Our saltwater pool comes with a sun ledge for those lazy days....

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The Convenience of Modern Technology - man using a door with keyless entry

The Convenience of Modern Technology

At Alexan Mill District, we understand that the future of luxury living is all about a perfect mix of technology and style. Our apartments cater to those who appreciate an upscale lifestyle and value the convenience of modern technology. From keyless entries to high-speed internet, each feature in our apartments comes with thoughtful integrations. They ensure that your home isn’t just a...

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An Example of Efficiency and Elegance - luxury Beam studio floor plan

An Example of Efficiency and Elegance

Imagine a space designed not just for living but to improve your life in every way. That’s what the Beam studio floor plan at Alexan Mill District does. It comes with an ample helping of smartly designed space. This studio apartment transforms the idea of compact living into an example of efficiency and elegance. It shows how modern design can turn any space into a stylish, functional...

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Top-Notch Drinks and A Lovely Setting - red wine being poured on a wine glass at the garden

Top-Notch Drinks and A Lovely Setting

Picture finding a secret spot in the city, where the smell of fresh coffee and hints of fine wine mingle in a beautiful garden. Welcome to Rosie’s Coffee & Wine Garden. Rosie’s is a charming place quickly becoming a favorite at Alexan Mill District. It’s more than just somewhere to get a drink. It offers an escape right in the middle of the neighborhood. They offer...

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Thrive in Upscale Luxury - media studio with complete studio equipment

Thrive in Upscale Luxury

Who says you can’t mix a little luxury with your daily grind? At Alexan Mill District, we’re redefining what it means to live and work in style. Forget about the dreary cubicle life. Every corner comes with an upscale, elegant, and downright stylish twist here in our community. From spaces that spark creativity to nooks that make you actually want to answer those emails,...

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