Providing Comfort and Style - Loom luxury one-bedroom and one-bathroom floor plan

Providing Comfort and Style

Calling our Loom floor plan your home here at Alexan Mill District feels like unwrapping a stylish gift. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom layout provides 864 SF of pure, unbridled comfort and luxury. Its thoughtful design makes it both practical and chic. It’s a wonderful space to call home, providing comfort and style effortlessly. See why this floor plan is ideal for anyone wanting upscale living with a bit of luxury.

Spaciousness and Open-Concept Design

The Loom floor plan emphasizes spaciousness with its open-concept design, enhancing the flow of your living space. The open layout makes the apartment feel larger. It also seamlessly connects the living, dining, and kitchen areas. This design can cater to any activity you wish to host, be it a game night or an intimate...

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An Elevated Culinary Experience - miso soup served on a black bowl

An Elevated Culinary Experience

When it comes to enjoying an upscale dining experience in Charlotte, Room 112 is the place to be. This modern Asian cuisine restaurant and sushi lounge seamlessly blend elegance and style. It offers an elevated culinary adventure that will leave you craving more. Are you in the mood for a delightful lunch, a sumptuous dinner, or exquisite sushi? Whatever your mood is, Room 112 has something to...

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Experience a Higher Standard of Living - luxury apartment interior with LED lighting throughout

Experience a Higher Standard of Living

When you think of home, you think of comfort, style, and a bit of luxury. At Alexan Mill District, we offer all of that and more! Our apartment amenities come with the thought to enhance your lifestyle. Our aim is to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible. You’ll find a perfect mix of elegance and convenience here. Experience a higher standard of living with us. Enjoy the...

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Ample Space for Comfort and Luxury - Weave luxury two-bedroom and two-bathroom floor plan

Ample Space for Comfort and Luxury

Living in style has never been easier with the Weave floor plan at Alexan Mill District. Are you a young professional looking to make a mark in the most stylish way possible? Then this home is for you. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment spans 1,067 SF. It offers ample space for comfort and luxury. It is the best backdrop you could ever find for a life dipped in upscale luxury. Explore...

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Celebrate the Good Life - coffee being poured into a white coffee mug with coffee beans around it

Celebrate the Good Life

At Alexan Mill District, we like to celebrate the good life. Located in the heart of Charlotte, our community enjoys luxury and elegance on the daily. One local gem that perfectly captures this spirit is The Hobbyist. This neighborhood spot is not just a coffee shop; it’s also a place to enjoy beer, wine, and craft cocktails. With a relaxed vibe and stylish setting, The Hobbyist offers...

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